It is apparent that we as dog owners have much to lose if we do not maximize our efforts and encourage all purebred dog owners with the same beliefs and goals to join with us.


  • Dogs are valuable property and we are dog owners, not dog guardians. As property, animal ownership is a constitutional right and a  lifestyle that is worth preserving.  Dog ownership denotes rights as well as responsibilities.
  • Our lives as human beings are richer and more meaningful with our canine companions.
  • Dogs produced in a quality breeding program in a home environment or residential kennel have historically produced the highest quality dogs with the most stable temperaments.  Breeders, using input from experts within their breed, should be the individuals making reproductive decisions concerning their dogs, using accepted breeding practices within the industry.
  • Breed history and purpose should be the backdrop in determining breed type, and believe that individual breeders have the bigger interest in the determination of where their individual breeds will go in the future.
  • Dogs live happier more fulfilled lives when participating in legal roles for which they were bred.  All dogs need socialization, training and exercise, to fulfill their function as companions and working dogs.
  • There are no breeds of dogs that can be considered more vicious or prone to bite than any other breed.  Each individual dog, regardless of breed, must be judged on their own merits and not penalized by law based on its breed classification.
  • Honest legislators won’t ignore the experts and respond to emotional social pressures by drafting ineffective, unfair canine legislation that will destroy the sport of purebred dogs as we know it.

Our organization offers:

  • Fast, cost effective and courteous service in the registration of single  dogs, litters, transfer of ownerships and pedigree research. 
  • Email notification of all Received and Mailed paperwork.
  • Email notifications of any pending Anti-Canine laws in your area.
  • Accuracy of registration and pedigrees 100% guaranteed. 
  • Confidential records, with verification of all signatures on all breedings.
  • Attractive certificates and pedigrees with color photos.
  • ADBA will recognize titles of all recognized canine registries and  organizations.
  • DNA profiling and parentage verification services.

The American Dog Breeders Association Inc. is committed to being a leader in the preservation of the rights of dog owners and breeders.  We will serve your registration needs with integrity and confidentiality. 


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