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Register a Dog


All pure breeds with a verifiable

three generation pedigree are eligible for registration.


To Register A New dog with the ADBA requires a
Single Dog Registration Application.
(Important Things to Remember When Single Registering Your Dog with the ADBA)

  • We must have no less than THREE complete generations back on the dog that you are registering. We also need to know the complete registered names of all the dogs in the pedigree. This means the breeder's name and the dog's name (example: Smith's "Tonka").

  • If the dogs in your pedigree are not found in the existing ADBA files we will ask for pedigree verification. This means that you will need to submit a copy of the organization papers (U.K.C., A.K.C.,etc) where the pedigree information was taken from. If are not able to locate this information then we wouldn't be able to register this dog with the ADBA.)

  • If the sire or the dam of the dog being registered is registered with the ADBA you will need the owners' of those dogs to sign your single registration application. This signature is needed for verification that the breeding between those two dogs did take place.


    Download: Single Dog Application